Ric Warbington

A retired U.S. Army senior NCO cryptologic linguist who nowadays works as an IT Specialist, Ric is a fan of low fantasy, dark urban fantasy, crime, and noir… so it was probably inevitable that he’d have to eventually get around to mashing up his favorite genres to come up with a whole mess of grim, dark, and sometimes pretty nasty folks doing lots of pretty shady things in dark urban fantasy and noir fantasy milieus.

For his own brand of dark urban fantasy, Ric serves it up Southern-Fried and noir, with biscuits and gravy, a side of grits, and sweet tea.  The vampires don’t wear glitter; werewolves ain’t exactly any kind you think you know all about.  And one thing you best never forget is this: while there’s surely a demon behind whatever really bad shit’s going down, it’s always a human who’ll be riding shotgun — yes, most times quite literally — and humans can be the absolute wrongest damned bastards this side of Hell itself.

Okay, so maybe most of his “good guys” kind of do wear black, but it makes perfect sense when you see every one of them is just about one crappy wrong move from a one-way ticket to Hellfire and eternal damnation themselves.  Some of them might only do “good” when it’s convenient — or only if they know someone’s looking — and sometimes for no better reason other than just to spite folks a whole helluva lot worse than them.

Mostly, these “heroes” just wind up backing into doing good while they’re pretty much minding their own damn business.  They’re so busy looking out for and doing for themselves that they don’t notice until they’ve run all up into some mean and nasty thing royally deserving of an ass-whuppin’ and, in dealing with that, they somehow manage to make good in spite of themselves.

Most of them can’t really be all that fussed either way about going out of their way to make nice, and they sure as Hell won’t cross the street to duck a fight, either.  Yes, some of them might be what you’d call damaged goods, but most of them are just trying to get by, working at making their crap-bad situations suck even just a little bit less.

Some of them are fervent believers in God, Guns, and Guts — though not always necessarily in that exact order — and they won’t think twice about gearing up and getting down for a knock-down, drag-out up against a horde of double-damned sons-a-bitches who seriously need to be made dead — preferably permanently.

There ain’t no elves or fae in this neck of the woods.  Of course, you’re perfectly free to doodle yourself up some of ’em in the margins if you want, but then that don’t really count now, does it?


Colin V. MacClyde and Slydell Alberwin McGee are the same guy but only when he’s been listening to some of the other voices in his head.


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